1,000 new boat migrants welcomed to UK in just one week

According to government data, over 1,000 boat migrants arrived in the United Kingdom last week.

The figure is said to be a record for 2023, with nearly 5,000 migrants arriving in the UK this year via small boats crossing the English Channel.

The Home Office says 180 migrants spread across four small boats arrived in Dover on Sunday, bringing the total for the week to 1,057.

Around 4,850 migrants are said to have arrived in the UK this year, a figure that nearly outnumbers the government’s recent acquisition of 5,000 new accommodation spaces on barges, military bases, and other locations for the sole purpose of housing asylum seekers.

“The unacceptable number of people risking their lives by making these dangerous crossings is placing an unprecedented strain on our asylum system,” a Home Office spokesman said regarding the dire situation, adding that it is a priority of the government to end the crossings.

Despite the state spokesman’s assurances that the government wants to end the crisis, many have placed the blame squarely on the British state, claiming they have not done a good enough job of discouraging migrants from coming.

Even arrivals suspected of being state enemies are met with a soft touch, with 19 terror suspects under “active investigation” in foreign countries claiming asylum in the UK after arriving by small boat.

Meanwhile, the government has failed to deport the vast majority of illegal arrivals who arrived in the country via small boats, with only 215 of last year’s 45,755 migrant arrivals being kicked out, or about half of all arrivals.

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All attempts to implement a plan to send migrants to Rwanda to seek asylum there have also failed, leaving little deterrence for would-be migrants considering coming to Britain.