Archbishop of Canterbury chastised for siding with people smugglers in latest political intervention

According to former Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom George Brandis, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby should “stay out of politics.”

He chastised a senior priest for criticising the Government’s migration policies earlier this week in the House of Commons.

The Archbishop of Canterbury condemned the Government’s flagship unlawful migration bill as “morally unacceptable” and claimed it would “harm the UK’s interests and reputation at home and abroad” in a discussion in the House of Lords on Wednesday.

Brandis went after Welby, accusing him of failing to support the government in its fight against people smugglers.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury, who is of course a good man, I do think it’s wise that senior clergymen stay out of politics frankly,” he said.

“Let’s call this for what this is, it’s people smuggling.

“And people smuggling is one of the most evil and insidious forms of international crime.

“And it really annoys me that people, including good people like the Archbishop of Canterbury, approach this as if it was something other than the UK Government to deal with this evil crime of people smuggling.

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