Rishi Sunak Announces General Election For July 4

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a General Election will be held on July 4. The statement comes after days of mounting speculation in Westminster. Earlier, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron cut short a trip to Albania, while Defence Secretary Grant Shapps delayed an overseas trip to attend cabinet Despite opinion polls showing a potential 100+ … Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury claims it’s HIS DUTY to attack UK government for small boat crackdown

Justin Welby has said that it is his “duty” to criticise Rishi Sunak’s government for its policy of prohibiting boats from making the risky 21-mile crossing across the Channel. The Archbishop of Canterbury has again slammed the Prime Minister’s Rwanda plan, warning bishops that they “will not abandon” their objections. Welby claimed he presented two … Read more

Sunak refuses to sack Braverman as PM has final word in ‘supportive letter’

Suella Braverman will remain Home Secretary, despite opposition parties demanding for an investigation and potentially her dismissal. The news comes after it was revealed on Sunday that she had asked state officials to assist her in avoiding a group speed awareness training. Rishi Sunak stated in a letter to the Home Secretary that his independent … Read more

Labour tax plans would cost Britain £350m-a-year due to ‘exodus of the rich’

According to an internal Treasury study, Britain would have to spend £350 million per year on Labour’s tax raids because the wealthy would leave the country. Sir Keir Starmer’s plan to raise taxes on investment funds and non-doms will cause investors to flee the country, resulting in a drop in overall revenue.  Shadow Chancellor of … Read more

UK economy will not experience recession and will now grow faster than Germany, IMF claims

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated that it does not expect the United Kingdom to enter a recession this year. It added in an update to prior predictions, “Buoyed by resilient demand in the context of declining energy prices, the UK economy is expected to avoid recession and maintain positive growth in 2023.” However, … Read more

Braverman urged to resign over speeding row – should she do it?

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, is under fire for allegedly asking civil officials to assist her organise a private speed awareness course after being clocked speeding last summer. The Conservative MP for Fareham claimed she was “confident that nothing untoward happened” in the handling of the incident and expressed apologies for exceeding the speed limit. … Read more

BBC launches ‘BBC Verify’ in newsrooms to combat fake news

The BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, announced the launch of a new “disinformation” unit in its newsroom to combat claimed conspiracy theories and fake news. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is funded by a statutory fee on individuals who watch live television under penalty of fine or imprisonment, stated that its news division will include … Read more

Netflix rolls out password crackdown in the UK, requires EXTRA PAYMENT for British ‘freeloaders’

Netflix’s crackdown on account password sharing has arrived in the UK, forcing ‘Flix freeloaders’ to pay their way. Users will only be able to use each other’s accounts if they live in the same household. The popular binge-watching service, which has over 230 million customers, made the announcement this week in over 100 countries. Users … Read more

JUST IN: Prince Harry LOSES High Court security battle against UK Home Office

In a big setback for the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry has lost his security battle with the Home Office. The Duke of Sussex, 38, was seeking the go-ahead from the High Court to secure a judicial review over a decision that he should not be allowed to pay for his own protective security. The … Read more

Sadiq Khan suffers heart attack during COP26 in Glasgow

Sadiq Khan has stated that he experienced a possible heart attack while attending the COP26 climate summit. In his new book Breathe, London Mayor Sadiq Khan discusses the incident for the first time. Mr Khan stated that he was speaking at the United Nations meeting in Glasgow in 2021 when “out of nowhere, I felt … Read more