Biden tells G7 Putin ‘will not break our resolve’ in supporting Ukraine

Joe Biden told the G7 that they “will not break our resolve” in supporting Ukraine on Sunday on the summit’s final day.

At a press conference in Japan, US President said he had received a “flat assurance” from Kiev that Western-supplied F-16 fighter jets would not fly into Russian territory.

These powerful jets, which Ukraine is seeking, could be used “wherever Russian troops are within Ukraine and the surrounding area,” he warned.

However, Mr. Biden stated that while the planes are “highly unlikely” to be employed in any Ukrainian push in the next weeks, troops may use such weaponry to defend themselves.

Earlier, Mr. Biden unveiled a $375 million (£301 million) package of military supplies for Ukraine, including artillery and armoured vehicles.

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky used his attendance at the conference to press Western partners to send aeroplanes, leading Russia to warn of “colossal risks” and accuse the West of escalation.

Despite the warning, US President stated the G7 had “reaffirmed our shared and unwavering commitment to stand with the brave people of Ukraine as they defend themselves against Russia’s brutal war of aggression and the war crimes being committed.”

“Together with the entire G7, we have Ukraine’s back, and I promise we’re not going anywhere,” he added.

Western allies also warned on Sunday that they will not abandon their assistance for Ukraine, a warning to Vladimir Putin as he claimed to have captured Bakhmut in the east. Kyiv denies this, claiming that Russia does not occupy the city.

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