Braverman admits illegal immigration has worsened prostitution and drug trade in UK

The Conservative Party’s Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has said that illegal immigrants are fueling criminality in the country.

The senior official made the remark during a discussion in the House of Commons on the government’s Illegal Migration Bill, the latest effort by the Sunak administration to end the ongoing migrant issue on the English Channel.

Before Wednesday’s discussion, Braverman warned the public that mass arrivals of migrants on tiny boats were related to “heightened levels of criminality” in the UK, with the Home Secretary specifically associating arrivals to prostitution and the drug trade.

“I think that the people coming here illegally do possess values which are at odds with our country,” The Telegraph reports Braverman as saying.

“We are seeing heightened levels of criminality when related to the people who’ve come on boats, related to drug dealing, exploitation, prostitution,” she continued. “There are real challenges which go beyond the migration issue of people coming here illegally. We need to ensure that we bring an end to the boat crossings.”

When asked to provide evidence for such claims in the house, Braverman said that police chiefs in the country had told her about the level of migrant involvement in criminality.

“It is becoming a notable feature of everyday crime-fighting in England and Wales,” she said. “Many people are coming here illegally and they’re getting very quickly involved in the drugs trade, in other forms of exploitation.”

Braverman’s argument appears to have persuaded at least some members of the House of Commons, since the government’s Illegal Migration Bill was passed by 289 votes to 230.

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The measure must now pass through the House of Lords, which many think will be significantly more difficult given the body’s recent track record of destroying Conservative Party bills presented to it with modifications.

Such a dissection of the legislation would almost certainly find support among the more left-wing sections of the Conservative Party, with several Conservative MPs condemning the bill, which attempts to speed up deportations, as violating migrants’ human rights.