Braverman considers migrants to be deported to Rwanda truly ‘blessed’

The Home Secretary of the United Kingdom has said that boat migrants who may be deported and resettled in Rwanda should consider the arrangements a “blessing,” infuriating anti-borders activists and politicians.

Suella Braverman lauded the benefits of the long-running UK-Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership after a visit to the African country, which has agreed to host migrants on Britain’s behalf as a third safe country.

“I would call it a blessing, I think, as we’ve seen, I’ve met refugees from several countries here, who are enormously grateful for the sanctuary that Rwanda has provided, education opportunities, security, a home, opportunity in the future.” 

“Coming to Rwanda, being resettled to Rwanda, will provide these vulnerable people with a prosperous future,” Braverman said.

“I encourage all of my critics to actually visit Rwanda before they cast aspersions and throw around incredibly prejudiced and snobbish opinions about what this beautiful country has to offer.”

Since 2018, the number of migrants arriving in Britain in small boats to seek asylum has increased exponentially. 

It is believed that resettling migrants who arrive in Britain in safe but less economically desirable countries will deter people who do not need asylum from coming to Britain, but the policy is not without its critics.

Examples of public figures who clearly wish there should be no real controls on who can migrate to Britain are millionaire pundit Gary Lineker and the Archbishop of Canterbury, decrying the policy.

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