Labour tax plans would cost Britain £350m-a-year due to ‘exodus of the rich’

According to an internal Treasury study, Britain would have to spend £350 million per year on Labour’s tax raids because the wealthy would leave the country. Sir Keir Starmer’s plan to raise taxes on investment funds and non-doms will cause investors to flee the country, resulting in a drop in overall revenue.  Shadow Chancellor of … Read more

UK economy will not experience recession and will now grow faster than Germany, IMF claims

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated that it does not expect the United Kingdom to enter a recession this year. It added in an update to prior predictions, “Buoyed by resilient demand in the context of declining energy prices, the UK economy is expected to avoid recession and maintain positive growth in 2023.” However, … Read more

UK energy bills to rise by  £120 per year for major Net Zero move

Household energy bills will rise by approximately £120 per year to fund the development of hydrogen gas as part of the government’s net zero agenda. Between 2030 and 2040, the programme to manufacture low-carbon hydrogen is expected to cost £3.5 billion per year. According to reports, the costs could be added to home bills beginning … Read more

Sunak launches largest tax raid in 44 years, as 1 out of 5 Brits to pay higher-rate income tax by 2027

Rishi Sunak has launched the largest tax raid in 44 years, with one in every five taxpayers expected to be in the higher-rate income tax band by 2027. The Prime Minister and his Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, recently stated that income tax thresholds will be frozen, despite the fact that the levy typically rises in accordance … Read more

Bank of England RAISES interest rates to 4.5 percent for 12th TIME in a row

The Bank of England raised its base rate to 4.5 percent, warning that inflation will decline more slowly than originally anticipated. The central bank has raised interest rates for the 12th time in a row in an effort to slow price increases. The Bank of England has set an inflation target of 2%, yet it … Read more

Brits to receive £6,000 for home improvement – how to know if you are eligible

Britons can receive £6,000 in home improvement subsidies if they replace their antiquated heating systems with a greener one. The government’s boiler upgrade scheme gives financial assistance to the British people in replacing outdated gas, electric and oil heating systems, which increase carbon emissions, with heat pumps that use fewer fossil fuels. In addition, the … Read more

Energy Crisis: Brits owed nearly £7 BILLION in money by suppliers

As of the beginning of April, energy suppliers had roughly £7 billion in customer cash following a mild winter and cautious consumer usage meant they consumed less gas and electricity than expected. According to research produced by comparison site, over 16 million homes are allegedly due £6.7 billion in aggregate credit to their suppliers, … Read more

Brits should ‘start accepting they’re poor’ says Bank of England boss getting £190K salary

A Bank of England boss earning £190,000 per year has said that British families must “accept that they’re worse off” as inflation rates rise. Huw Pill, the Bank’s senior economist, stated that Britons should cease demanding pay raises that drive up costs. According to Pill, the economy is playing “pass the parcel” as families and … Read more

Millions of Brits to receive latest cost-of-living payments – are you eligible?

To help with continuous rising bills, low-income households are now receiving the current cost-of-living allowance from the government. Between now and May 17, eight million means-tested benefit claimants, including those on Universal Credit, should get the £301 instalment. More nearly equivalent payments will be made in the autumn and next spring. Everything will be transferred … Read more

Brits left with only 3 months to claim tens of thousands of pounds for state pension

Millions of households in the United Kingdom have only three months to check and collect tens of thousands of pounds in additional state pension. Last month, the government extended the deadline for Britons to fill gaps in their national insurance contributions in order to increase state pension benefits. The extension was necessary because to government … Read more