EU admits losing tech battle against US and China after Brexit

The European Union is losing its technological battle against the United States and China without Brexit Britain on its side, according to experts.

According to Eurointelligence, the Brussels group is suffering a drop in technology ranging from e-cars to AI models.

The EU is falling behind China and the US in high-tech, and with Brexit, Britain no longer belongs to the bloc. 

The UK government will invest £100 million in a taskforce to build AI models for use in industries such as healthcare and education.

They wrote: “The decline of the European car industry is a cautionary tale. It’s not just e-cars, but a whole array of 21st century technologies.

“Europe has no representative in the world’s top ten digital companies any longer. SAP now ranks number 11, and there is not much after that.

“Artificial intelligence is largely a duopoly between the US and China. The only European country with a foot in this sector is Brexit-Britain. The UK government has identified AI as the best bet for regulatory divergence from an EU that is hampered by data-protection laws with a one-sided focus on consumers.

“The European car industry is dying, while the EU keeps on congratulating itself on the successes of its science and research programme, Horizon Europe.

“Denial is the most protracted of the phases in the stages of mourning. When we get out of this, we will have left it late.”

The warning comes as the UK Government is pledging to invest £100 million in AI technologies.

The recently formed Department for Science, Innovation and Technology said the cash injection will be start-up funding to support the taskforce in the development of foundation models – a type of artificial intelligence used by chatbots such as ChatGPT and Google Bard.

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It came as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sought to woo industry at a Business Connect conference in London, attended by around 200 high-profile chief executives.

The Prime Minister said: “Harnessing the potential of AI provides enormous opportunities to grow our economy, create better-paid jobs, and build a better future through advances in healthcare and security.