Fury as Sunak publishes personal data and reveals eyewatering total tax payments

According to newly released documents, Rishi Sunak paid £432,493 in tax during the fiscal year 2021/22.

According to the Prime Minister’s tax return, he paid £325,826 in capital gains tax and £120,604 in UK income tax on a total income of £329,561.

Sunak revealed his tax returns for the previous three years after facing scrutiny over his financial dealings.

Sunak faced backlash after it was revealed last year that he had originally kept his US green card status while his wife, Akshata Murthy, had claimed non-dim status.

Because of the arrangements, the former Chancellor was required to pay taxes in the United States, while his wife was able to avoid paying UK tax on her vast foreign income.

He also paid £393,217 in 2020/2021 and £227,350 in 2019/20, according to the records.

Critics questioned the timing of the release, which occurred on a busy news day in Westminster.

Sunak made the figures public on the same day that Boris Johnson was the centre of attention due to his appearance before the privileges committee to testify about Partygate.

It was also on the same day that the Commons voted on Sunak’s new deal for Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit trading arrangements.

When he lost the Tory leadership election to Liz Truss last summer, the Prime Minister promised to make the figures public.

He has repeatedly promised to do so since taking office in November 2022.

“Wonder why he’s been chosen today?” Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner tweeted.

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