Grave warning as broadband bill surge gives Brits ‘very tight window’

Millions of broadband users are about to face some of the most expensive price increases in history, with some providers raising prices by more than 14% in the coming weeks.

A consumer expert has warned that if Britons want to reduce an impending broadband bill surge, they must act as early as now. 

It comes at a time when struggling families across the country are grappling with an ever-increasing cost of living crisis, so the additional financial burden could not have come at a worse time.

However, consumer expert Martyn James has offered a ray of hope, stating that there is a way for broadband users to reduce their costs.

“Some companies are absolutely terrible at customer service, never mind being negotiated it.

“But it does pay to know your rights a little bit with this. With broadband and mobile phone increases, we’re looking at about an average of 14 per cent on each of those.

“That’s a 28 per cent increase collectively. The fact that the companies are able to do this is something the regulator Ofcom is looking into, but that doesn’t really help us right now.

“Two of the big ones, Sky and Virgin, they have clauses in the contract which says they have to notify you in advance.

“So if you’re listening to this now, you have a very tight window where you can phone up and complain.

It is often advised that you phone your provider and haggle over the price as it is unlikely they will want you to cancel your contract. According to James, many Britons are out of contract on their broadband bills without even realising it, which puts them in a strong position to potentially negotiate a better deal.

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Those who are “stuck” in the middle of their broadband contract, according to James, still have options for a price reduction.

“Negotiation is probably not going to help much,” he says, “but remember, we all complain about terrible broadband service.”

“If your service is poor, that company is in breach of contract.” So play detective and keep track of your speed. Use some of the free apps to record your experience and file a complaint.

Price increases will be implemented throughout April, with some taking effect on the first of the month. Britons are therefore urged to act quickly in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Aside from broadband and mobile bills, Britons can expect increases in energy, council tax, and personal tax.