Hopeless: Tories are doomed with NO WAY BACK after election disaster, Farage claims

According to Brexit leader Nigel Farage, the Conservatives are “doomed,” with “no way back” following last week’s dismal local elections.

Mr Farage highlighted that the Coronation of King Charles III acted as a good way to “bury bad news” for the Conservatives, with the true extent of their defeat to Sir Keir Starmer’s left-wing Labour Party only becoming clear on Friday.

“The Tory newspapers will tell you that Rishi Sunak has brought stability — well, I guess after Truss and Johnson, anything would have seemed more stable — but it is a stability in failure,” the Brexit leader remarked on his GB News broadcast.

“I put it to you the Tories are doomed. There is no way back for them between now and the general election,” Farage declared.

According to statistics from the Daily Mail, the Conservatives lost 1,060 seats in local elections across the UK last Thursday, relinquishing control of 48 local councils.

Despite not presenting much of a constructive vision to voters, the Labour Party, which appears to be fine with sitting back and letting the Conservatives self-destruct, became the largest party at the local level across the country.

Starmer’s strategy, therefore, has seemingly paid off, with Labour taking control of councils such as Bracknell Forest, Dover, East Staffordshire, Medway, Swindon, and Stoke-on-Trent. 

Meanwhile, the anti-Brexit Lib Dems — who also had a good result overall last week — took control of Surrey Heath, a notable pickup given that it falls within the constituency of cabinet minister Michael Gove.

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Coming to power in October, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his technocratic neoliberal government baulked at party voters’ desire to lower taxes amid the cost of living crisis, with Sunak and his globalist finance chief Jeremy Hunt arguing that it was necessary to keep taxes at a seven-decade high in order to combat inflation.

Despite this, inflation remains in the double digits, with the cost of food rising even faster, with the UK as a whole exceeding much of Europe in terms of inflation.