Humza Yousaf demands another independent referendum on first meeting with PM Sunak

Despite a current police investigation into the SNP, Humza Yousaf wanted the authority to stage another independence referendum during his first meeting with Rishi Sunak yesterday night.

Sunak was told by the new Scottish First Minister that he planned to “respect the democratic wishes” of the Scottish Parliament by passing the authorities to allow a referendum on independence.

However, the Prime Minister instructed the leader of the Scottish National Party to instead work with the UK Government to control the cost of living crisis with a “relentless and focused approach.”

Yousaf also used his face-to-face meeting with Sunak to challenge the Foreign Secretary’s crackdown on SNP ministers using meetings with overseas governments to promote independence and attack Brexit.

Last month, James Cleverly planned to write to Britain’s embassies to remind them that at talks between SNP ministers and foreign governments, a UK diplomat should be present.

Yousaf also expressed alarm about Lord Frost’s desire to decrease some devolved powers, despite the fact that he is not a government official.

The “informal” meeting lasted about 20 minutes and took place in the Prime Minister’s Commons office.

On Tuesday, the First Minister will meet with the SNP’s Westminster group before returning to Scotland.

Yousaf also cited the Scottish Government’s demand that its deposit return scheme on drinks containers be exempted from the Internal Market Act, implying that it would apply to products imported from the rest of the UK.

He was opposed to a 10.1% increase in duty on Scotch whisky and stated that he was “pleased the Prime Minister committed to fairness,” adding that “he now needs to deliver on that.”

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