It’s official: Harry to attend King Charles III’s Coronation – without Meghan

Britain’s Prince Harry will attend King Charles III’s coronation, but his wife Meghan will remain at home.

Following much speculation in the UK media, it has finally been formally announced that Prince Harry will attend his father, King Charles III’s, coronation ceremony next month.

However, he will not be accompanied by his wife, as Meghan has decided to remain at home in California.

According to The Telegraph, Buckingham Palace is “pleased to confirm” that Prince Harry will attend the ceremony in Westminster Abbey to officially crown his father as King.

The Prince, on the other hand, will not take part in the King’s Procession or the Coronation Procession to and from Buckingham Palace, owing to his status as a non-working member of the Royal Family.

He will also be barred from appearing on Buckingham Palace’s royal balcony because he is no longer performing active duties as a Prince.

Nonetheless, Harry is claimed to have made the decision out of love for his father, with some sources stating that the former British soldier would regret it for the rest of his life if he let current family squabbles keep him from attending the ceremony.

Harry is said to be particularly cognisant that the ceremony will be “pretty much the most important day” of King Charles III’s life, and is adamant about attending for that reason.

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