Landlords to be exempt from housing regulations to move asylum seekers from hotels

Suella Braverman and Michael Gove’s plans to strip asylum seekers of basic housing protections are said to be going before MPs.

According to a report, landlords would be immune from standards governing electrical safety and minimum room sizes under new rules meant to drive tens of thousands out of hotels and into the private rental sector.

MPs might vote on the ideas put up by the Home Secretary and Housing Secretary as early as today (May 17).

According to the Guardian, landlords of asylum seekers in England and Wales will no longer be required to register with local authorities and will be able to house asylum seekers for two years without obtaining a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence, which is a standard requirement for any landlord renting to more than one household in a single property.

According to the Telegraph, Mr Gove is rushing the measures through the Commons at Ms Braverman’s request, as the government strives to cut the number of people temporarily accommodated in hotels.

He intends to put them to a vote in the Commons with little fanfare on a day that will otherwise be dominated by the publishing of his Bill prohibiting landlords from evicting tenants without cause.

Due to massive backlogs in the asylum processing system, more than 50,000 asylum seekers are being kept in hotels.

Disease epidemics such as diphtheria have occurred as a result of the confined and unclean circumstances in temporary housing.

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