LEAKED: Viral video shows Sturgeon defending SNP finances, asks them ‘to be careful’

In a leaked video released, Nicola Sturgeon is seen defending the Scottish National Party’s finances. 

The former First Minister urged staff to be “very careful” when addressing the party’s accounting during a meeting of the SNP’s executive body two years ago.

The 52-year-old, who resigned last month, spoke after three members of her finance and audit committee resigned – Lord Provost Frank Ross, Allison Graham, and Cynthia Guthrie – after being denied access to the accounts.

“The party has never been in a stronger financial position than it is right now, and that’s a reflection of our strength and membership,” she stated in a recording obtained by the Sunday Mail.

“I’m not going to get into the details…but, you know, just be very careful about suggestions that there are problems with the party’s finances, because we depend on donors to donate.”

She continued: “There are no reasons for people to be concerned about the party’s finances, and all of us need to be careful about not suggesting that there is.

“We’ve got to be careful we don’t reap what we sow, if we have leaks from this body it limits the ability for open free and frank discussion.”

Ms Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, the SNP’s former chief executive, was arrested and released without prosecution on April 5 as part of a police probe into the party’s finances.

Meanwhile, Humza Yousaf, who took over as FM on March 27 after Ms Sturgeon stepped down, has denied the SNP is bankrupt and stated forensic auditors could be recruited following a meeting of the party’s executive body.

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He said: “We’re not close to bankruptcy. This is something I’ve read in some social media circles but, no, the party is solvent.”