Lego goes WOKE with launch of new gender neutral toys

Lego has been accused of imposing woke beliefs on youngsters following the announcement of its new gender neutral range.

In Australia, the business plans to produce its Lego Dreamzzz toys, which will include a Pegasus horse, a blue and pink bunny named “Bunchu,” and a “nightmare shark ship.”

According to Professors Dr Kevin Donnelly AM and Reverend Peter Kutri, the new items will force ideals upon children who aren’t old enough to appreciate the subtleties of gender theory.

Following a survey that suggested that gender roles caused shame among children, Lego announced in October 2021 that they would remove gender bias from their products.

Donnelly, a Senior Fellow at Australian Catholic University’s PM Glynn Institute said people should not be oppressed for who they are, however removing gender roles is not the answer.

“I don’t believe that people should be discriminated against or attacked for being LGBTQI+, but at the same time human biology is pretty binary – it’s not a social construct,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

“A lot of this gender theory is very abstract and very confusing, and I would argue – as a lot of parents have that I talked to – just let children be children.

“My fear is that it’s not just Lego, there’s a significant movement globally towards what I call ‘radical gender theory’.”

Marcia Marks Laursen, Head of Product at LEGO Group, stated that the company’s push towards inclusivity was the result of extensive study.

“Lego is doing this because they see money in it; they are not a charity; they are a business, and they believe there is money to be made by exploiting this market.”

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