NHS announces COVID App shutdown

The NHS has announced that its COVID-19 app will be shutting down soon due to a low number of users.

Users who have the app downloaded on their phone received a notification today saying, “The app is closing down soon. The NHS COVID-19 app will close down on 27 April 2023.”

Users were greeted with a brief statement that read: “You can use the app features until that date.

“Please continue to follow the latest guidance to protect yourself and others. This includes reporting NHS lateral flow test results on GOV.UK.

“If you’re eligible for COVID-19 treatment, you must report your result so the NHS can contact you about treatment.

The app helped to reduce the number of infections in the UK and slowed the virus’s spread.

Scientists from the Universities of Oxford and Warwick estimate that in its first year of use, it prevented nearly one million cases of Covid, 44,000 hospitalisations, and nearly 10,000 deaths.

The government spent millions of dollars developing the app, and it has decided to discontinue it following the success of the vaccine rollout.

In the last seven days, 29,426 people tested positive for Covid, and 432 deaths had Covid on their death certificates.

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