Brexit has been a positive way for EU countries to renew their vows, Eurocrat claims

Brexit has offered EU member states the opportunity to “renew” their “vows”, claims a Eurocrat.  Mairead McGuiness, EU Commissioner, argued that Brussels has “strengthened internally” since the UK decided to leave, citing other concerns like as the Covid epidemic and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Ms McGuiness stated on Tonight with Andrew Marr on LBC: … Read more

Gary Lineker slammed by Tories as BBC star to receive human rights award

Tory MPs have slammed Gary Lineker after it was revealed that he is poised to win an award for his activism. The Match of the Day host will get the Sport and Human Rights award on Wednesday at an event in Rome. The award is part of a partnership between Amnesty International and the Italian … Read more

Europe can achieve Net Zero by demolishing historic buildings and starting again, Central Bank claims

A top central banker has warned of the economic damage that the rush to ‘Net-Zero’ could cause, and illustrates the point by stating that deleting Europe’s architectural history would be required to achieve severe green expectations. Among the comments made by Paolo Angelini, deputy governor of the Bank of Italy, about European Net Zero ambitions … Read more

White Brits ‘not welcomed’ to watch ‘Black Lives Matter’ inspired play in London

White London theatregoers were not welcomed to watch a play about African American history, so that black audience members may enjoy the performance “free from the white gaze.” The Theatre Royal Stratford East in east London has sparked outrage after telling white people to avoid a “Black Out” performance of Tambo & Bones on July … Read more

Biden tells G7 Putin ‘will not break our resolve’ in supporting Ukraine

Joe Biden told the G7 that they “will not break our resolve” in supporting Ukraine on Sunday on the summit’s final day. At a press conference in Japan, US President said he had received a “flat assurance” from Kiev that Western-supplied F-16 fighter jets would not fly into Russian territory. These powerful jets, which Ukraine … Read more

BBC Live: Furious Sunak gives eight-word response to question about Braverman speeding claims

When asked about Suella Braverman’s parking fine controversy during a G7 summit, Rishi Sunak responded in eight words.  The BBC’s political editor Chris Mason asked the Prime Minister about reports Home Secretary Suella Braverman sought advice from civil servants about arranging a private speed awareness course. Sunak responded: “Did you have a question about the … Read more

Rishi Sunak confidently says Brits will still choose him as Prime Minister for next five years

Rishi Sunak backed himself to be Prime Minister for another five years, predicting that the Conservatives would win the next general election. The Prime Minister flatly denied speculations that his party may join a coalition if it fails to gain a majority, saying that he is only interested in winning an outright majority. The Conservatives … Read more

West already in a Cold War with China, ex PM Liz Truss claims

Whether we like it or not, the Western world is already at war with China, according to former Prime Minister Liz Truss. Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has reportedly warned that the West is already at war with China, saying that nations in America and Europe must decide whether to appease or confront the … Read more

BT group to axe 55,000 positions to replace humans with AI bots

BT Group announced Thursday that it wants to cut up to 55,000 positions by the end of the decade and replace some of them with artificial intelligence as part of a workforce reduction to cut expenses. BT, which employs 130,000 people (staff and contractors), stated in its most recent financial report that its workforce would … Read more

UK energy bills to rise by  £120 per year for major Net Zero move

Household energy bills will rise by approximately £120 per year to fund the development of hydrogen gas as part of the government’s net zero agenda. Between 2030 and 2040, the programme to manufacture low-carbon hydrogen is expected to cost £3.5 billion per year. According to reports, the costs could be added to home bills beginning … Read more