Prince George persuaded King Charles III to ‘change centuries-old Coronation rules’ because of bullying fears

Prince George made history by convincing his grandfather to defy centuries of custom during the Coronation.

The 9-year-old future heir is claimed to have persuaded King Charles to replace the costumes worn by the pages of honour, particularly their white knee breeches.

According to one source, George “wasn’t keen on wearing tights and becoming a subject of ribaldry at school.”

Instead, the King granted his grandson’s request and let the pages to wear trousers.

‘He also didn’t want to wear tights and be a target of ribaldry at school,’ a courtier says.

The King agreed, and the breeches and tights were exchanged for pants.

Prince George made an appearance alongside Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. 

He walked alongside his grandfather, assisting him in carrying his robes as he entered and exited Westminster Abbey.

The King and George’s father, Prince William, wanted the young prince to play a prominent part on May 6 and determined he would be in the spotlight.

During the service, George and seven other lads known as Pages of Honour “attended their majesties,” the King and Queen.

They were primarily responsible for carrying their long, heavy robes. The honour is typically bestowed upon teenage sons of nobility and gentry, particularly prominent Royal Household members.

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