Prince Harry asked to give ‘28 days notice’ before visiting UK

It has been revealed that Prince Harry was told to give 28 days’ notice of any planned trips to the UK so that security requests could be assessed.

The Duke of Sussex was informed at the time that the Home Office would have to decide whether the requested security was necessary.

Prince Harry retaliated by asking the Home Office committee in charge of royal security to provide him with an example of someone with the same threat assessment as him who had received no security after stepping down from public duty.

He also criticised the arrangements for his family’s visit to the UK in June 2021 for the memorial events for Diana, describing them as “patchy, disjointed and inadequate”.

Details of his security arrangements have been revealed in legal documents relating to his libel claim against the Mail on Sunday, which revolves around his willingness to pay for his own police protection in the UK.

Harry is suing Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) for a February 2022 story about his legal challenge to the Government’s decision to deny him and his family automatic protection.

According to the article, he tried to keep “secret” parts of his legal battle with the Home Office over his security and tried to “spin” the dispute in his favour by claiming he offered to pay for his own protection.

The court heard that in an April 2020 email to Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary, Harry “made it clear we couldn’t afford private security until we were able to earn”.

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