Rishi Sunak confidently says Brits will still choose him as Prime Minister for next five years

Rishi Sunak backed himself to be Prime Minister for another five years, predicting that the Conservatives would win the next general election.

The Prime Minister flatly denied speculations that his party may join a coalition if it fails to gain a majority, saying that he is only interested in winning an outright majority.

The Conservatives are currently trailing Labour in surveys ahead of next year’s probable national election.

However, Mr Sunak’s popularity over Sir Keir Starmer, as well as his recent achievement in obtaining a Brexit customs settlement for Northern Ireland, are reducing the gap.

Speaking in Japan, the PM said: “Yes. I’m working really hard to deliver for the British people. That is my priority. That is what I’m spending most of my time thinking about. Not thinking actually about my job… I spend most of my time thinking about everyone else, and their jobs.”

He added: “I’m confident we can deliver for people. I know things are tough right now. But I think we’ve made good progress in the 6 months that I’ve had the job. I’ll just keep at it.”

Asked if he would strike a deal with the Liberal Democrats or the DUP to keep Labour out, Mr Sunak said: “I’m not particularly interested in any chat about coalitions, or the rest of it, and whatever others are going to talk about and spend their time focusing on – is for them. All I’m focusing on is delivering for the British people.

When asked if he is ruling out a coalition with the DUP, the PM added: “I am.”

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Sir Keir Starmer, on the other hand, has repeatedly refused to rule out a coalition with the Lib Dems if his party fails to gain a majority in the next general election.

By January 2025, the next general election must be held.

Elections are held every five years, which means Mr Sunak could be Prime Minister until 2029 or 2030 if the Conservatives win.

In recent weeks, Mr Sunak has worked to draw clear policy lines between himself and Sir Keir, particularly on Brexit, the economy, women’s rights, and the environment.