Ryanair Chief says ‘delusional’ Brexiteers will die soon and UK will go back to EU

Ryanair’s CEO has made the astonishing assumption that Britain will rejoin the EU over the next 15 years because a generation of Brexiteers “will die.” 

According to airline CEO Michael O’Leary, the British public was sold a “tissue of lies” about the benefits of leaving the EU. 

He also accused former Prime Minister Boris Johnson of being “completely delusional” about Brexit, stating the choice had a “net negative” impact.

Mr. O’Leary lashed out at prior Conservative governments, saying the British public “mistakenly assumed there would be some kind of competence at the top.”

“Quite a number of Brexiteers will die in the next five to ten years, as the average age of them is about 70,” Ryanair CEO stated at a Bloomberg event.

“Younger people who are coming through are much more pro-European.”

“Everything that was promised to the UK population, the sunny uplands, and the ability to do trade deals all over the world, were shown to be a tissue of lies,” he added.

“We mistakenly assumed there would be some kind of competence at the top of the government under Johnson and they would at least put the economy first and do a sensible deal.

“It turns out that was completely delusional, just like Johnson and the rest of his Brexit cohort.”

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