Sadiq Khan criticised for wasting taxpayers’ money for ‘greenest City Hall in the world’

Sadiq Khan has come under fire when it was revealed that the cost of his new City Hall has risen by about £2 million, bringing the total to more than £30 million. 

The London Mayor abandoned the Greater London Authority’s purpose-built headquarters in Southwark in favour of a renovated small conference hall in Newham, which has been dubbed the “greenest City Hall in the world.”

Mr Khan said that the transfer, which will take place in March 2022, will save £55 million in rent over five years at the old City Hall.

However, it has now been revealed that the overall cost of transforming the former Crystal building has reached £25.5 million, with an additional £4.6 million spent on landlord charges.

According to a newly revealed mayoral decision form, Mr Khan authorised an additional £1.936 million in repairs and renovations.

Conservative MP Gareth Bacon accused the Mayor of London of “again taking taxpayers for a ride.”

“Londoners have had enough of skyrocketing costs for what is yet another Khan vanity project,” Mr Bacon added.

“The Mayor must accept responsibility for his latest blunder and begin reining in the spiralling waste in his City Hall.”

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