Spain pressures UK, issues Brexit ultimatum over Gibraltar deal

As post-Brexit negotiations with the EU over the Rock continue to stall, Spain is putting pressure on the UK to accept a recent proposal for a shared prosperity zone in Gibraltar.

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares stated that the UK must accept the plan that is now in their hands.

“We put on the table a global agreement to build a shared prosperity zone between Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar – in Spain,” he stated.

“For there to be an agreement, not only must the Spanish proposal be accepted, but the United Kingdom must also accept, so the ball is in the UK’s court.”

Spain and the European Commission delivered the plan to London in November 2022.

Madrid pressed for greater control of the Rock by proposing the abolition of border posts between Gibraltar and Spain.

According to the plans, the Rock would effectively become a part of the EU’s Schengen zone, which allows for free movement across the continent.

In exchange, Spain would control the territory’s borders.

Despite the fact that the majority of Gibraltar residents favour remaining under UK jurisdiction, Spain has been accused of wanting to seize control of the small 2.6 square mile area through Brexit.

Albares’s ultimatum comes as the UK Government advertised a job for the post of Governor of Gibraltar in March.

The job description, posted on the LinkedIn website, saw the Government admitting that the chosen candidate could “face a further period without a negotiated outcome” in talks with the EU, adding, therefore, that “the territory could go through a period of change”.

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