Sunak brandishes Pension Increase document proving it is ‘one law for’ Starmer

The Prime Minister brought up Sir Keir’s pension tax benefit as the head of the Crown Prosecution Service during their monthly Commons sparring session.

During PMQs yesterday, Rishi Sunak mocked Sir Keir Starmer for producing his customised pension agreement from his time as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The Prime Minister laughed as he brandished a copy of the 2013 legislation around.

Because of the agreement, Sir Keir’s pension payments from his period as DPP between 2008 and 2013 are not eligible for the lifetime allowance.

The Prime Minister also stated that the legislation demonstrates that it was “literally one law for him and tax increases for everyone else.”

Mr Sunak said: “I can’t quite remember but I think he started by talking about when he was DPP in 2013.

“I’m actually glad he brought that up because there was something else that happened when he was DPP in 2013.

“That was when he got his own special law, I’ve got it right here.”

Brandishing the document, Mr Sunak added: “Here it is, the Pensions Increase (Pension Scheme for Keir Starmer QC) Regulations 2013.

“While we’re introducing a transformative policy to support doctors to cut the waiting list faster, he wants to raise taxes on public sector workers.

Sir Keir has been accused of hypocrisy for wishing to reverse the Tories’ intentions to lift the £1.07 million maximum on pension funds if he is given the keys to No. 10, despite his previous agreement.

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