Sunak to announce MAJOR post-Brexit update TODAY

The government is expected to make a major post-Brexit announcement today, with ministers expected to unveil streamlined post-Brexit checks on EU goods entering the UK. 

The checks, which are legally required under the Brexit trade deal with the European Union, have been postponed four times by the government.

Later today, the Cabinet Office is expected to publish details on how the new customs and regulatory process will work. The checks won’t be available until later this year.

While the government is expected to have reduced checks as much as possible, thorough checks on food and animal products are still expected.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said: “The Government is delivering on our ambition to have the world’s most effective border.

“Our new target operating model will reduce the need for checks for many types of goods.

“We are working with stakeholders and are taking a pragmatic approach to phasing in these controls to give business the opportunity to prepare.”

This comes just days after long lines formed at the Port of Dover as Easter holiday travellers attempted to reach France.

On Friday, a critical incident was declared at the port as traffic backed up due to an increase in the number of tourists crossing the border.

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