Sunak wants ‘new travel deal with EU’ amid improving relationship with Brussels

Rishi Sunak is said to desire to reach a post-Brexit agreement with the EU on passport checks. 

The Prime Minister is thought to be considering a deal that would allow Britons to use E-gates while traveling to Europe amid its improving relationship with Brussels.

The change would eliminate the need for manual checks, perhaps lessening the risk of long lines at border crossings.

According to Bloomberg News, British diplomats are consulting with EU peers on the matter.

Downing Street indicated today that more E-gates for British visitors visiting Europe would be welcome.

“We are working closely with the European Commission and member states to understand the impact of the introduction of the entry/exit system for British citizens,” stated the Prime Minister’s official spokesman.

“And our priority is always to minimise unnecessary delays for British passengers and some countries such as Spain already allow British citizens to use E-gates on arrival in certain circumstances.”

But the spokesman said he did not recognise reports that the PM personally is calling for greater access.

He said: “As far as I’m aware there are no live discussions to that end but of course we will always want to find ways to minimise unnecessary waiting times for British nationals.

“That would be welcome if there were wider use of E-gates for non-EU nationals, it’s in both our interests and the interests of the countries which British nationals visit as tourists, for example.”

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