BT group to axe 55,000 positions to replace humans with AI bots

BT Group announced Thursday that it wants to cut up to 55,000 positions by the end of the decade and replace some of them with artificial intelligence as part of a workforce reduction to cut expenses. BT, which employs 130,000 people (staff and contractors), stated in its most recent financial report that its workforce would … Read more

EU admits losing tech battle against US and China after Brexit

The European Union is losing its technological battle against the United States and China without Brexit Britain on its side, according to experts. According to Eurointelligence, the Brussels group is suffering a drop in technology ranging from e-cars to AI models. The EU is falling behind China and the US in high-tech, and with Brexit, … Read more

Judges Suggested to be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence Bots in UK Court

A prominent British judge has suggested that artificial intelligence could one day replace judges in some UK court cases. Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls of England and Wales, has stated that in the future, AI could be utilised to replace human adjudicators in some UK court cases. The senior judge urged the legal professions … Read more

Warning as ChatGPT and other AI bots found to deceive humans, research finds

A researcher claims that programmes like ChatGPT can lie and are already deceiving humans, exposing the seemingly limitless possibilities of AI. An AI researcher has issued a dire warning about AI’s lack of limitations, claiming that its ability to spread misinformation could become habitual. He has issued a warning about advanced forms of technology that … Read more

Trigger warning: Man dies as AI chatbot encourages him to commit suicide

A man allegedly committed suicide after speaking with an AI chatbot named Chai, igniting a debate about the impact of AI on mental health. The man’s widow blames his death on the AI Chatbot, claiming it encouraged him to commit suicide. The man’s widow claims that the AI chatbot encouraged him to commit suicide. Concerns … Read more