BBC launches ‘BBC Verify’ in newsrooms to combat fake news

The BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, announced the launch of a new “disinformation” unit in its newsroom to combat claimed conspiracy theories and fake news. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is funded by a statutory fee on individuals who watch live television under penalty of fine or imprisonment, stated that its news division will include … Read more

Gary Lineker slammed by Tories as BBC star to receive human rights award

Tory MPs have slammed Gary Lineker after it was revealed that he is poised to win an award for his activism. The Match of the Day host will get the Sport and Human Rights award on Wednesday at an event in Rome. The award is part of a partnership between Amnesty International and the Italian … Read more

Children exposed to naked adults LIVE in latest UK TV programme

Nearly 1,000 complaints have been received by the UK government broadcast authority about Naked Education, a television programme that promotes “body positive” attitudes by exposing adolescents in their mid-teens to naked adults. Channel 4, the UK’s state-owned but commercially funded broadcaster that has generally prided itself on producing edgy content as a counterpoint to the … Read more