West already in a Cold War with China, ex PM Liz Truss claims

Whether we like it or not, the Western world is already at war with China, according to former Prime Minister Liz Truss. Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has reportedly warned that the West is already at war with China, saying that nations in America and Europe must decide whether to appease or confront the … Read more

Revealed: UK gives China £400 MILLION despite being world’s biggest economy

Britain has provided China about £400 million in foreign aid since 2010, according to recent analysis. According to figures from the House of Commons Library, the UK government has continued to send financial aid to the communist regime despite having the world’s second greatest GDP (nearly $19 trillion). Ministers, backbenchers, and campaign groups have repeatedly … Read more

India to beat China in having world’s biggest population for the last 200 years

India’s population is predicted to surpass China’s by the end of the year, ushering in a fundamental shift in the world order, with 1.429 billion people expected by the end of the year. According to the United Nations, India’s burgeoning population will likely keep its economy growing as it plays a larger role in global … Read more

UK Begs China to Make Putin ‘Cease Bombing Ukrainian Cities, Hospitals, Schools’

The UK government pleaded with Communist dictator Xi Jinping to ask Vladimir Putin to stop “some” of the atrocities Russia is accused of inflicting on Ukraine. Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) supremo, is in Moscow for a high-level summit with President Vladimir Putin, despite significant pressure from the West not to deepen ties … Read more