Scientific American magazine says population decline must be celebrated – GOOD NEWS!

According to a Scientific American magazine piece, a world with fewer people means a different climate and better outcomes for the planet’s remaining inhabitants – human and otherwise. Stephanie Feldstein’s opinion essay refers to the United Nations forecasting that dozens of countries’ populations will be reducing by 2050 as “good news.” The article asserts that … Read more

Lego goes WOKE with launch of new gender neutral toys

Lego has been accused of imposing woke beliefs on youngsters following the announcement of its new gender neutral range. In Australia, the business plans to produce its Lego Dreamzzz toys, which will include a Pegasus horse, a blue and pink bunny named “Bunchu,” and a “nightmare shark ship.” According to Professors Dr Kevin Donnelly AM … Read more

Albanian PM accuses UK of having ‘nervous breakdown’ over migration crisis

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated the UK is having a “nervous breakdown” over migrants crossing the English Channel, accusing British MPs of blaming his government. The Albanian leader claimed that Britain is in a condition of “nervous breakdown” as a result of the flow of thousands of immigrants landing in small boats from … Read more

UK Gov’t gives Brits trapped in Sudan deadline to evacuate – LAST DAY TODAY

The final UK evacuation flight is scheduled to depart from Sudan on Wednesday morning, according to the Foreign Secretary. James Cleverly urged British nationals who wished to leave the war-torn country to travel to Port Sudan. The evacuation airlift was thought to have ended on Monday when planes left Sudan for Cyprus. According to the … Read more

Pope Francis says Jesus Christ does not want people to be ‘couch potatoes’

Pope Francis reminded young people in Hungary that Jesus Christ does not want his disciples to be passive “couch potatoes,” but rather active agents of change. In his meeting with young people in a Budapest sports arena, Pope Francis outlined his vision of the type of followers Jesus desires, urging his audience to aim high … Read more

Nurses begin 28-hour strike as huge march through London in the works

NHS services in England will be severely disrupted today after nurses went on strike for 28 hours over wages. The walkout, which will finish shortly before midnight, comes after a High Court judge determined it would be ‘unlawful’ for the strike to continue into Tuesday as scheduled. Thousands of NHS staff will also march through … Read more

Leaked: Gov’t overtaxed UK pensioners by over £1 Billion – how to claim money back

According to the latest numbers, pensioners in the United Kingdom may have paid £1.01 billion more in pension tax than they should have. HMRC has charged extra tax on early withdrawals from a ‘defined contribution’ pension account after pension flexibility regulations were implemented in 2015. In this situation, HMRC would issue an emergency tax rate … Read more

Braverman admits illegal immigration has worsened prostitution and drug trade in UK

The Conservative Party’s Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has said that illegal immigrants are fueling criminality in the country. The senior official made the remark during a discussion in the House of Commons on the government’s Illegal Migration Bill, the latest effort by the Sunak administration to end the ongoing migrant issue on the English Channel. … Read more

Energy Crisis: Brits owed nearly £7 BILLION in money by suppliers

As of the beginning of April, energy suppliers had roughly £7 billion in customer cash following a mild winter and cautious consumer usage meant they consumed less gas and electricity than expected. According to research produced by comparison site, over 16 million homes are allegedly due £6.7 billion in aggregate credit to their suppliers, … Read more

Brits should ‘start accepting they’re poor’ says Bank of England boss getting £190K salary

A Bank of England boss earning £190,000 per year has said that British families must “accept that they’re worse off” as inflation rates rise. Huw Pill, the Bank’s senior economist, stated that Britons should cease demanding pay raises that drive up costs. According to Pill, the economy is playing “pass the parcel” as families and … Read more