Children’s health at high risk as surgery cancellations surge to five-year high

sick child nhs surgery crisis

New report reveals that because of the NHS crisis, thousands of children’s operations were cancelled last year. According to a new study, 14,628 paediatric operations in England will be cancelled in 2022 due to a lack of beds. A Liberal Democrat investigation found that cancellations have increased by a quarter to the highest level in … Read more

Grave warning as broadband bill surge gives Brits ‘very tight window’

Millions of broadband users are about to face some of the most expensive price increases in history, with some providers raising prices by more than 14% in the coming weeks. A consumer expert has warned that if Britons want to reduce an impending broadband bill surge, they must act as early as now.  It comes … Read more

Report: £21 billion of public money lost in fraud, and most will never be recovered

According to the National Audit Office (NAO), tens of billions of pounds have been lost to fraud since the start of the COVID pandemic, with little chance of the majority being reclaimed. More than £7 billion of the £21 billion identified by the NAO as lost by the government is linked to pandemic-related schemes. It … Read more

After parks and hotels, migrants to be housed in ferries starting next week

Next week, the UK government is about to implement a plan to wean migrants off of hotels and onto ferries.  Two military bases will also be used, with the first migrants expected to arrive within weeks. Each site will initially house 1,500-2,000 migrants rather than people who are currently staying in hotels. According to the … Read more