Dog and cat owners warned that tap water in UK can now ‘poison’ their pets

Dog and cat owners are being cautioned that “harmful” tap water may be “slowly poisoning” their pets. According to a water treatment specialist, certain types of water may be hazardous to animals due to the substances contained in them. Gene Fitzgerald, a Best Osmosis Systems employee, has issued a warning about hard water, which can … Read more

Urgent warning: Cadbury buyers urged to return products with spreading ‘deadly’ bacteria 

Six popular chocolate yoghurts were detected as possibly infected with monocytogenes, prompting a food recall alert for sweet-toothed Britons. The product recall comprised Daim, Dairy Milk Buttons, and Dairy Milk Chunks chocolate treats with a use by date of May 18. The potential contamination also included Crunchie and Flake chocolate desserts with a use by … Read more