UK energy bills to rise by  £120 per year for major Net Zero move

Household energy bills will rise by approximately £120 per year to fund the development of hydrogen gas as part of the government’s net zero agenda. Between 2030 and 2040, the programme to manufacture low-carbon hydrogen is expected to cost £3.5 billion per year. According to reports, the costs could be added to home bills beginning … Read more

Brits to receive £6,000 for home improvement – how to know if you are eligible

Britons can receive £6,000 in home improvement subsidies if they replace their antiquated heating systems with a greener one. The government’s boiler upgrade scheme gives financial assistance to the British people in replacing outdated gas, electric and oil heating systems, which increase carbon emissions, with heat pumps that use fewer fossil fuels. In addition, the … Read more

Energy Crisis: Brits owed nearly £7 BILLION in money by suppliers

As of the beginning of April, energy suppliers had roughly £7 billion in customer cash following a mild winter and cautious consumer usage meant they consumed less gas and electricity than expected. According to research produced by comparison site, over 16 million homes are allegedly due £6.7 billion in aggregate credit to their suppliers, … Read more

Russian spy ships threaten to sabotage UK energy supply

As part of preparations to disrupt essential infrastructure, Russian spy ships are found surveying wind farms and key communication lines off the coast of Britain. Details of the clandestine “ghost ships” missions were revealed as Downing Street and GCHQ leaders warned of an increase in Russian-aligned hackers attempting to “disrupt or destroy” energy assets such … Read more

Fury as British homes to be penalised for using domestic gas for Net Zero push

In order to meet net zero goals, households will be penalised if they do not switch from gas, according to a new rule announced today. Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, commented on the new proposal on Wednesday. If we want people to switch to an electricity-based economy, [levies] should … Read more

Brits to face HIGHER energy bills for 10 years if Net Zero pushes, economist claims

Households are facing a decade of higher energy bills from the race to hit net zero and inflated gas prices, KPMG has warned. According to Yael Selfin, chief economist at KPMG, bills will remain high for the next five to ten years because the “transition to net zero will add cost one way or another … Read more