Shocking number of Britons say King Charles III should INTERVENE with UK Politics

According to new polls, the King has the support of a surprising proportion of Britons to speak up on political problems.  BMG poll says that 38 percent – nearly four in ten – believe Charles should express his views despite his position as monarch. However, in a poll for the i newspaper, 48 percent believed … Read more

Liberal Democrats could demand Brexit vote as part of agreement with Labour

The Liberal Democrats may seek a referendum on the UK’s application to rejoin the EU as a condition for establishing a coalition with Labour following the next general election. Insiders in Westminster have speculated on what Sir Ed Davey’s “red lines” would be in future negotiations with Labour should Sir Keir Starmer’s party win the … Read more

LIVE Local Elections: Starmer ‘set to enter’ No 10 while Tories fear of losing 1,000 seats

Professor Sir John Curtice, a polling expert, warned overnight that the Conservatives may lose 1,000 seats in the local elections. People in England voted yesterday, with over 8,000 council seats up for grabs across 230 local authorities. As the results began to come in overnight, Prof Curtice told the BBC, “The Conservatives cannot be certain … Read more

UK Gov’t gives Brits trapped in Sudan deadline to evacuate – LAST DAY TODAY

The final UK evacuation flight is scheduled to depart from Sudan on Wednesday morning, according to the Foreign Secretary. James Cleverly urged British nationals who wished to leave the war-torn country to travel to Port Sudan. The evacuation airlift was thought to have ended on Monday when planes left Sudan for Cyprus. According to the … Read more

UK Government to use British taxpayers’ money to buy cruise ships for illegal migrants

Suella Braverman is said to be considering the purchase of ten decommissioned ferries, cruise ships, and barges to shelter illegal migrants in the United Kingdom.  According to the plans, the port of Liverpool will be the next in line to dock the warships.  Insiders at the Home Office say they are searching for solutions after … Read more

Wikipedia to be banned in the UK to push Online Safety Bill campaign

The organisation that runs the world’s most popular online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, has warned that it may be banned from the United Kingdom as a result of forthcoming censorship legislation. The British government’s newest attempt to regulate the internet may result in the blocking of UK users and contributors to Wikipedia, with the hosting Wikimedia Foundation … Read more

Braverman admits illegal immigration has worsened prostitution and drug trade in UK

The Conservative Party’s Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has said that illegal immigrants are fueling criminality in the country. The senior official made the remark during a discussion in the House of Commons on the government’s Illegal Migration Bill, the latest effort by the Sunak administration to end the ongoing migrant issue on the English Channel. … Read more

A Complete Guide on the Local May Elections – Your Questions Answered

Local elections are scheduled on May 4, giving citizens in some parts of the UK their first opportunity to vote since Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were removed from office.  The council elections will not be held in every district, but they will be an important litmus test both Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour … Read more

Anti-Brexit Joe Biden makes it official, seeks second term as President of USA

Despite the huge majority of Americans saying that he should not run again, eighty-year-old Democrat Joe Biden officially stated on Tuesday morning that he will seek a second term as President of the United States. President Joe Biden has made it official, with a video posted to his social media sites, two weeks after revealing … Read more

British Gov’t urges Brits trapped in Sudan to make their own way to evacuation point

The UK government has informed Britons in Sudan that they are on their own to reach the country’s evacuation point, with the first flight having already carried passport holders out. The British armed forces are currently engaged in an operation to evacuate a number of its people from Sudan, where serious combat has erupted between … Read more