SNP vows to ‘undo Brexit’ if next general election results in a hung parliament

The SNP has pledged to “undo Brexit as far as possible” in exchange for supporting a minority Labour government. The Scottish nationalists boasted that they may be kingmakers following the election next year. According to the results of last week’s local elections, Labour may fall short of a majority at Westminster when the UK goes … Read more

Humza Yousaf demands another independent referendum on first meeting with PM Sunak

Despite a current police investigation into the SNP, Humza Yousaf wanted the authority to stage another independence referendum during his first meeting with Rishi Sunak yesterday night. Sunak was told by the new Scottish First Minister that he planned to “respect the democratic wishes” of the Scottish Parliament by passing the authorities to allow a … Read more

Humza Yousaf in shock as first new SNP leader’s FMQ disrupted by protesters

Protesters disrupted Humza Yousaf’s first First Minister’s Questions session at Holyrood. The weekly grilling session, in which the Scottish First Minister is grilled by MSPs including Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross and Labour’s Anas Sarwar, has been suspended five times due to protests in the public gallery by climate change activists. It was Mr Yousaf’s … Read more

UK’s Most Powerful Politicians Now Come From South Asian Heritage

british leaders south asian

Politicians of South Asian heritage appear to be having a moment in the British Isles, with politicians claiming Indian and Pakistani ancestry holding several of the islands’ most powerful political offices. On Monday, Humza Yousaf was elected leader of Scotland’s ruling left-separatist Scottish National Party (SNP), and he will be sworn in as First Minister … Read more