Joe Biden says ‘I hate the English’ amidst King’s Coronation snub

Joe Biden said “I hate the English” during a private meeting in the mid-to-late 2000s. The horrific anecdote was revealed on the Rest is Politics podcast, which is hosted by former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and former Conservative minister Rory Stewart. The political veterans were analysing the “special relationship” between the United Kingdom and … Read more

Joe Biden to give $1.2 Billion MORE to Ukraine, reaching $36.9 Billion donation mark

The Biden administration unveiled a new $1.2 billion military aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday, increasing the total since the start of the war with Russia to $36.9 billion. “Today, the Department of Defence (DoD) announced a new security assistance package to reaffirm the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine, including to strengthen its air … Read more

Sleepy Joe Biden Ditches Historic Coronation while THESE World Leaders Make Time

Joe Biden is nowhere to be found as world leaders gather for King Charles III’s coronation. Senior officials from around the world have assembled for King Charles III’s Coronation, with some figures antagonistic to the UK and the monarchy visiting to promote their countries and ideas. President of the United States Joe Biden, however, has … Read more

Anti-Brexit Joe Biden makes it official, seeks second term as President of USA

Despite the huge majority of Americans saying that he should not run again, eighty-year-old Democrat Joe Biden officially stated on Tuesday morning that he will seek a second term as President of the United States. President Joe Biden has made it official, with a video posted to his social media sites, two weeks after revealing … Read more

Biden urges Britain to ‘work closely’ with Ireland to prevent political violence

In a historic speech to the Irish parliament, Joe Biden said the UK should ‘work closely’ with Ireland to protect Northern Ireland against political violence. The president became only the fourth US president to address both houses of the Dail and Seanad. He addressed a joint session of the Oireachtas, following in the footsteps of … Read more

Anti-Brexit Joe Biden shuts doors for UK – US trade deal until 2025

According to sources, there is little chance of a trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States being reached until 2025. Such a deal was claimed to be in the works between UK authorities and the Trump administration, only to be abandoned when Joe Biden becomes office in 2021. Since then, the planned … Read more

Biden arrives and vows to ‘preserve peace and encourage prosperity’ in Northern Ireland

American President Joe Biden arrived at a military base outside Belfast on Tuesday evening, accompanied by his son Hunter and sister Valerie, to begin a four-day tour of Northern Ireland and Ireland to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Peace Agreement. Mr. Biden was greeted on the tarmac by British Prime Minister Rishi … Read more

Joe Biden accused of snubbing the UK once more in Northern Ireland visit plans

Joe Biden has been accused of “snubbing” the UK with his upcoming visit to Northern Ireland, with some MPs suggesting he is uninterested in the region. Instead, Mr. Biden is said to have planned the visit to advance his own political agenda. The US President has announced that he will visit Northern Ireland from April … Read more