Prince George persuaded King Charles III to ‘change centuries-old Coronation rules’ because of bullying fears

Prince George made history by convincing his grandfather to defy centuries of custom during the Coronation. The 9-year-old future heir is claimed to have persuaded King Charles to replace the costumes worn by the pages of honour, particularly their white knee breeches. According to one source, George “wasn’t keen on wearing tights and becoming a … Read more

Shocking number of Britons say King Charles III should INTERVENE with UK Politics

According to new polls, the King has the support of a surprising proportion of Britons to speak up on political problems.  BMG poll says that 38 percent – nearly four in ten – believe Charles should express his views despite his position as monarch. However, in a poll for the i newspaper, 48 percent believed … Read more

Leftists complain that Royal Family waving in balcony is ‘too white’

Millions of people watched the ancient traditions performed at King Charles III’s Coronation, but rather than celebrating the pageantry of the day, prominent leftists in the UK focused on something else: that the Royal Family is apparently too “white.” In the past, the monarchy in Britain functioned as a focal point for people of many … Read more

Reviewed: 12 best moments in King Charles III’s coronation

Millions of royal enthusiasts around the world were left delighted as the royal bonanza rumbled into Westminster Abbey. On an emotional and happy day, King Charles III and Queen Camilla were properly sworn in. From Prince Louis’ pranks to the coronation of our new queen, the amazing spectacle was not without its highlights. We look … Read more

Sleepy Joe Biden Ditches Historic Coronation while THESE World Leaders Make Time

Joe Biden is nowhere to be found as world leaders gather for King Charles III’s coronation. Senior officials from around the world have assembled for King Charles III’s Coronation, with some figures antagonistic to the UK and the monarchy visiting to promote their countries and ideas. President of the United States Joe Biden, however, has … Read more

Farage says Meghan Markle’s Coronation seat must be given to Prime Minister of Taiwan

Nigel Farage has urged the UK government to give Meghan Markle’s vacant coronation seat to Taiwan’s Prime Minister. With Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, refusing to attend King Charles III’s coronation, senior Brexit supporter Nigel Farage has suggested that her seat at the historic occasion be handed to Taiwan’s Prime Minister. Despite marrying into the … Read more

King Charles III urged to APOLOGISE for British ‘genocide and colonisation’ days before Coronation

Representatives from 12 Commonwealth countries have joined forces to urge the King to acknowledge and apologise for the consequences of British “genocide and colonialism.” The declaration, which was submitted to Charles, urges Britain’s incoming monarch to follow through on the royal family’s recent professions of regret by initiating a reparations procedure and recovering stolen artefacts … Read more

King’s Coronation: Exact words every Brit should say out loud during historic event

During the King’s Coronation on Saturday, everyone in the United Kingdom will be asked to publicly swear allegiance to the King. Charles’ ceremony has been modified to include the first-ever Homage to the People – a line that everyone in the country, as well as millions watching from across the world, will be invited to … Read more

Major Royal not invited in King Charles III’s Coronation named

Despite Meghan leaving a vacant seat in the Abbey, Sarah Ferguson has also not been invited to the King’s Coronation. The Duchess of York, 63, is anticipated to watch the ceremony on television at Royal Lodge, which she shares with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Phil Dampier, a royal author, stated, “She cannot expect to be … Read more

It’s official: Harry to attend King Charles III’s Coronation – without Meghan

Britain’s Prince Harry will attend King Charles III’s coronation, but his wife Meghan will remain at home. Following much speculation in the UK media, it has finally been formally announced that Prince Harry will attend his father, King Charles III’s, coronation ceremony next month. However, he will not be accompanied by his wife, as Meghan … Read more