Archbishop of Canterbury claims it’s HIS DUTY to attack UK government for small boat crackdown

Justin Welby has said that it is his “duty” to criticise Rishi Sunak’s government for its policy of prohibiting boats from making the risky 21-mile crossing across the Channel. The Archbishop of Canterbury has again slammed the Prime Minister’s Rwanda plan, warning bishops that they “will not abandon” their objections. Welby claimed he presented two … Read more

BBC Live: Furious Sunak gives eight-word response to question about Braverman speeding claims

When asked about Suella Braverman’s parking fine controversy during a G7 summit, Rishi Sunak responded in eight words.  The BBC’s political editor Chris Mason asked the Prime Minister about reports Home Secretary Suella Braverman sought advice from civil servants about arranging a private speed awareness course. Sunak responded: “Did you have a question about the … Read more

Charts show UK is a world leader on human rights with trend changing under Tories

In 2022, the number of legal cases filed against the United Kingdom in the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) was the lowest in Europe. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned the Council of Europe that the “current international system is not working” in terms of illegal immigration. Last year, a record 54,000 people were discovered … Read more

Landlords to be exempt from housing regulations to move asylum seekers from hotels

Suella Braverman and Michael Gove’s plans to strip asylum seekers of basic housing protections are said to be going before MPs. According to a report, landlords would be immune from standards governing electrical safety and minimum room sizes under new rules meant to drive tens of thousands out of hotels and into the private rental … Read more

Braverman says white people should not feel guilty over historical role in slavery

Suella Braverman insisted in the war on woke that white people should not feel collective guilt for their historical role in slavery. In a fiery address, the Home Secretary slammed political correctness, claiming that the white people “does not exist in a special state of sin” and that no one should be held accountable for … Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury chastised for siding with people smugglers in latest political intervention

According to former Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom George Brandis, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby should “stay out of politics.” He chastised a senior priest for criticising the Government’s migration policies earlier this week in the House of Commons. The Archbishop of Canterbury condemned the Government’s flagship unlawful migration bill as “morally unacceptable” … Read more

UK to welcome over one million migrants this 2023, reports reveal

More than one million migrants may arrive in the United Kingdom this year. Experts predict that over one million migrants will arrive in the United Kingdom this year, according to The Telegraph.  The report previously estimated that the maximum net migration total for 2023 would be around 675,000, ahead of official statistics scheduled to be … Read more

UK gov’t eyes immigration crackdown as foreign students’ families to be banned in the country

The government is developing ideas to restrict immigration to the UK, including a ban on family members joining international master’s students at British colleges.  This is part of an effort to curb net migration to the UK, which has recently reached a record high.  According to the most recent numbers, published in November, net migration … Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury criticises Government’s Illegal Migration Bill in House of Lords

The Archbishop of Canterbury has made a rare intervention in the House of Lords to denounce the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill, which is being debated in the upper house for the first time. Justin Welby argued against the flagship law designed at guaranteeing that persons arriving in the UK in small boats be held and … Read more

Albanian PM accuses UK of having ‘nervous breakdown’ over migration crisis

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated the UK is having a “nervous breakdown” over migrants crossing the English Channel, accusing British MPs of blaming his government. The Albanian leader claimed that Britain is in a condition of “nervous breakdown” as a result of the flow of thousands of immigrants landing in small boats from … Read more