Nurses begin 28-hour strike as huge march through London in the works

NHS services in England will be severely disrupted today after nurses went on strike for 28 hours over wages. The walkout, which will finish shortly before midnight, comes after a High Court judge determined it would be ‘unlawful’ for the strike to continue into Tuesday as scheduled. Thousands of NHS staff will also march through … Read more

Recent GP consultations only last 5 minutes, new data finds

According to NHS data, millions of GP consultations were “rushed through” in less than five minutes last year. One out of every six consultations – about 52 million between March 2022 and February 2023 – lasted only a few minutes. Family doctors are so overworked that many patients do not get enough time to discuss … Read more

Term ‘alcoholic’ to be banned by UK health officials in latest woke campaign

Politically correct health officials in the United Kingdom have prohibited the use of the word “alcoholic” as allegedly offensive, along with a slew of other words, including gendered language. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which supports the NHS branches in both England and Wales, has adopted codes for healthcare staff. Among … Read more

NHS wasting £1 million a week on private ambulances for emergency calls

The NHS has been accused of “shocking waste” after a trade union investigation discovered it was spending more than £1 million a week on private ambulances for emergency calls. Unison, whose members have recently approved a new government pay deal, claims to have received responses from two-thirds of ambulance trusts in England that have paid … Read more

350,000 healthcare appointments axed as Junior Doctors begin strike over pay

Junior doctors in England began a four-day strike over pay on Tuesday, threatening to be the most disruptive walkout in NHS history. As a result of the British Medical Association (BMA) members’ action in their worsening pay dispute, an estimated 250,000 to 350,000 appointments, including operations, will be cancelled. Doctors staged picket lines outside hospitals … Read more

Children’s health at high risk as surgery cancellations surge to five-year high

sick child nhs surgery crisis

New report reveals that because of the NHS crisis, thousands of children’s operations were cancelled last year. According to a new study, 14,628 paediatric operations in England will be cancelled in 2022 due to a lack of beds. A Liberal Democrat investigation found that cancellations have increased by a quarter to the highest level in … Read more

High blood pressure causes brain-eating disease, new study finds

Researchers discovered that high blood pressure can cause dementia by damaging parts of the brain. For the first time, scientists identified the areas of the organ that, when impaired, can lead to the memory-robbing condition. They used MRI scans to see how high blood pressure affected areas of the brain thought to be responsible for … Read more

London to Relaunch Anti-Polio Campaign as ‘Eradicated’ Disease Threatens Outbreak

In response to a polio outbreak in London, authorities in the United Kingdom plan to relaunch a child vaccination campaign. Following a polio outbreak last year, British authorities are resuming efforts to vaccinate every child in London aged one to eleven. After the formerly extinct disease was discovered in the city’s sewer system last year, … Read more

Rape cases in UK dropped as police stored evidence in broken fridges

An appalling report found that rape cases were dropped because DNA evidence was destroyed in “dilapidated or broken fridges and freezers” used by the Metropolitan Police. During her review of standards and culture in Britain’s largest police force, Baroness Louise Casey discovered that it was institutionally racist, misogynist, and homophobic, and that “fundamental change” is … Read more