Archbishop of Canterbury chastised for siding with people smugglers in latest political intervention

According to former Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom George Brandis, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby should “stay out of politics.” He chastised a senior priest for criticising the Government’s migration policies earlier this week in the House of Commons. The Archbishop of Canterbury condemned the Government’s flagship unlawful migration bill as “morally unacceptable” … Read more

Pope Francis says Jesus Christ does not want people to be ‘couch potatoes’

Pope Francis reminded young people in Hungary that Jesus Christ does not want his disciples to be passive “couch potatoes,” but rather active agents of change. In his meeting with young people in a Budapest sports arena, Pope Francis outlined his vision of the type of followers Jesus desires, urging his audience to aim high … Read more

Brits in prison threatened by Jihadi gangs to ‘convert’ or ‘get hurt’

An alarming new investigation claims that radical prisoners are compelling criminals to convert to Islam or face violence, with the phrase “convert or get hurt” now frequent within Britain’s prisons.  Sikh extremism, Hindu extremism, and Black nationalism are all flourishing as a result of the Home Office’s “laser focus” on far-right radicals, according to the … Read more

Woke university cancels ‘Christian tradition’ to prioritise end of Eid

An Oxford college has cancelled its annual St. George’s Day dinner. To commemorate the day of the English saint, Magdalen College usually hosts an annual banquet, with students and academics dining together to enjoy a traditional feast. This year, however, there will be no such dinner; instead, the college will use the occasion to commemorate … Read more