Sunak refuses to sack Braverman as PM has final word in ‘supportive letter’

Suella Braverman will remain Home Secretary, despite opposition parties demanding for an investigation and potentially her dismissal. The news comes after it was revealed on Sunday that she had asked state officials to assist her in avoiding a group speed awareness training. Rishi Sunak stated in a letter to the Home Secretary that his independent … Read more

Brexit has been a positive way for EU countries to renew their vows, Eurocrat claims

Brexit has offered EU member states the opportunity to “renew” their “vows”, claims a Eurocrat.  Mairead McGuiness, EU Commissioner, argued that Brussels has “strengthened internally” since the UK decided to leave, citing other concerns like as the Covid epidemic and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Ms McGuiness stated on Tonight with Andrew Marr on LBC: … Read more

BBC Live: Furious Sunak gives eight-word response to question about Braverman speeding claims

When asked about Suella Braverman’s parking fine controversy during a G7 summit, Rishi Sunak responded in eight words.  The BBC’s political editor Chris Mason asked the Prime Minister about reports Home Secretary Suella Braverman sought advice from civil servants about arranging a private speed awareness course. Sunak responded: “Did you have a question about the … Read more

Rishi Sunak confidently says Brits will still choose him as Prime Minister for next five years

Rishi Sunak backed himself to be Prime Minister for another five years, predicting that the Conservatives would win the next general election. The Prime Minister flatly denied speculations that his party may join a coalition if it fails to gain a majority, saying that he is only interested in winning an outright majority. The Conservatives … Read more

Sunak urges European leaders to make Russia pay for ‘horrendous war crimes’

Rishi Sunak has urged European politicians to ‘stand by Ukraine for as long as it takes’ to combat Russia’s invasion. The Prime Minister stated during the Council of Europe conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, that “the United Kingdom may have left the European Union, but we have not left Europe.”  He also stated that Russia must … Read more

Sunak launches largest tax raid in 44 years, as 1 out of 5 Brits to pay higher-rate income tax by 2027

Rishi Sunak has launched the largest tax raid in 44 years, with one in every five taxpayers expected to be in the higher-rate income tax band by 2027. The Prime Minister and his Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, recently stated that income tax thresholds will be frozen, despite the fact that the levy typically rises in accordance … Read more

Zelensky targets ‘jets coalition’ with Sunak on surprise UK visit

Kyiv appears to have abandoned its quest to fly British fighter jets over Ukraine, instead accepting the UK’s assistance in obtaining the more common, US-made F16 Falcon. Volodymyr Zelensky paid a ‘surprise visit’ to the United Kingdom on Monday, meeting with Rishi Sunak for “substantive negotiations,” according to the Ukrainian leader. Zelensky praised the UK … Read more

Hopeless: Tories are doomed with NO WAY BACK after election disaster, Farage claims

According to Brexit leader Nigel Farage, the Conservatives are “doomed,” with “no way back” following last week’s dismal local elections. Mr Farage highlighted that the Coronation of King Charles III acted as a good way to “bury bad news” for the Conservatives, with the true extent of their defeat to Sir Keir Starmer’s left-wing Labour … Read more

LIVE Local Elections: Starmer ‘set to enter’ No 10 while Tories fear of losing 1,000 seats

Professor Sir John Curtice, a polling expert, warned overnight that the Conservatives may lose 1,000 seats in the local elections. People in England voted yesterday, with over 8,000 council seats up for grabs across 230 local authorities. As the results began to come in overnight, Prof Curtice told the BBC, “The Conservatives cannot be certain … Read more

BETRAYED: Tories to scrap just 1 out of 5 EU laws they promised to bonfire

Kemi Badenoch told Tory Eurosceptic MPs that only 20% of the EU legislation vowed to be scrapped by the Prime Minister by the end of the year will make it onto the Brexit Bonfire. The Trade Secretary told the European Research Group (ERG) that civil employees told her it would be difficult to eliminate all … Read more