Labour tax plans would cost Britain £350m-a-year due to ‘exodus of the rich’

According to an internal Treasury study, Britain would have to spend £350 million per year on Labour’s tax raids because the wealthy would leave the country. Sir Keir Starmer’s plan to raise taxes on investment funds and non-doms will cause investors to flee the country, resulting in a drop in overall revenue.  Shadow Chancellor of … Read more

Sunak launches largest tax raid in 44 years, as 1 out of 5 Brits to pay higher-rate income tax by 2027

Rishi Sunak has launched the largest tax raid in 44 years, with one in every five taxpayers expected to be in the higher-rate income tax band by 2027. The Prime Minister and his Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, recently stated that income tax thresholds will be frozen, despite the fact that the levy typically rises in accordance … Read more

UK Government to use British taxpayers’ money to buy cruise ships for illegal migrants

Suella Braverman is said to be considering the purchase of ten decommissioned ferries, cruise ships, and barges to shelter illegal migrants in the United Kingdom.  According to the plans, the port of Liverpool will be the next in line to dock the warships.  Insiders at the Home Office say they are searching for solutions after … Read more

Leaked: Gov’t overtaxed UK pensioners by over £1 Billion – how to claim money back

According to the latest numbers, pensioners in the United Kingdom may have paid £1.01 billion more in pension tax than they should have. HMRC has charged extra tax on early withdrawals from a ‘defined contribution’ pension account after pension flexibility regulations were implemented in 2015. In this situation, HMRC would issue an emergency tax rate … Read more

Retired Brits to receive HIGHEST INCREASE in State Pension – but there’s a catch

Retirees will receive their highest increase in state pension payments beginning today, but claimants will still be worse off. Retirees will now be entitled to £203.85 per week, up from £185.15 under the state pension triple lock, which sees payments rise by the highest of inflation, average earnings, or 2.5 percent. This equates to a … Read more

Failure to Deport Migrants will Cause British Taxpayers to Spend £9 billion in Three Years

The British government’s inability to deport failed asylum seekers will cost the British taxpayer £9 billion over the next three years, during which time a quarter of a million illegal migrants will enter the country, according to a Refugee Council report. The pro-mass migration Refugee Council predicts that over 150,000 people will be denied asylum … Read more

Fury as Sunak publishes personal data and reveals eyewatering total tax payments

According to newly released documents, Rishi Sunak paid £432,493 in tax during the fiscal year 2021/22. According to the Prime Minister’s tax return, he paid £325,826 in capital gains tax and £120,604 in UK income tax on a total income of £329,561. Sunak revealed his tax returns for the previous three years after facing scrutiny … Read more