Shocking number of Britons say King Charles III should INTERVENE with UK Politics

According to new polls, the King has the support of a surprising proportion of Britons to speak up on political problems.  BMG poll says that 38 percent – nearly four in ten – believe Charles should express his views despite his position as monarch. However, in a poll for the i newspaper, 48 percent believed … Read more

Dog and cat owners warned that tap water in UK can now ‘poison’ their pets

Dog and cat owners are being cautioned that “harmful” tap water may be “slowly poisoning” their pets. According to a water treatment specialist, certain types of water may be hazardous to animals due to the substances contained in them. Gene Fitzgerald, a Best Osmosis Systems employee, has issued a warning about hard water, which can … Read more

Albanian PM accuses UK of having ‘nervous breakdown’ over migration crisis

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated the UK is having a “nervous breakdown” over migrants crossing the English Channel, accusing British MPs of blaming his government. The Albanian leader claimed that Britain is in a condition of “nervous breakdown” as a result of the flow of thousands of immigrants landing in small boats from … Read more

Urgent warning: Cadbury buyers urged to return products with spreading ‘deadly’ bacteria 

Six popular chocolate yoghurts were detected as possibly infected with monocytogenes, prompting a food recall alert for sweet-toothed Britons. The product recall comprised Daim, Dairy Milk Buttons, and Dairy Milk Chunks chocolate treats with a use by date of May 18. The potential contamination also included Crunchie and Flake chocolate desserts with a use by … Read more

King’s Coronation: Exact words every Brit should say out loud during historic event

During the King’s Coronation on Saturday, everyone in the United Kingdom will be asked to publicly swear allegiance to the King. Charles’ ceremony has been modified to include the first-ever Homage to the People – a line that everyone in the country, as well as millions watching from across the world, will be invited to … Read more

Revealed: New analysis shows Brexit is not to blame for UK post-pandemic export crisis

A new trade analysis has debunked the assumption that a post-pandemic drop in exports can be blamed on Brexit. Lower export data have been used by pro-remain commentators to suggest that the UK would be better off in the EU. However, experts at the Centre for Brexit Policy argue that this ignores global issues such … Read more

Brits revealed to be the LEAST RACIST in the world, most welcoming country for LGBT and Immigrants

According to a new global survey, the United Kingdom is one of the least racist countries in the world. King’s College London’s Policy Institute has revealed that only 2% of Britons are uneasy living next door to someone of a different race. One of the typical techniques for researchers to gauge racism is to ask … Read more

Brits in prison threatened by Jihadi gangs to ‘convert’ or ‘get hurt’

An alarming new investigation claims that radical prisoners are compelling criminals to convert to Islam or face violence, with the phrase “convert or get hurt” now frequent within Britain’s prisons.  Sikh extremism, Hindu extremism, and Black nationalism are all flourishing as a result of the Home Office’s “laser focus” on far-right radicals, according to the … Read more

A Complete Guide on the Local May Elections – Your Questions Answered

Local elections are scheduled on May 4, giving citizens in some parts of the UK their first opportunity to vote since Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were removed from office.  The council elections will not be held in every district, but they will be an important litmus test both Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour … Read more

Energy Crisis: Brits owed nearly £7 BILLION in money by suppliers

As of the beginning of April, energy suppliers had roughly £7 billion in customer cash following a mild winter and cautious consumer usage meant they consumed less gas and electricity than expected. According to research produced by comparison site, over 16 million homes are allegedly due £6.7 billion in aggregate credit to their suppliers, … Read more