Biden tells G7 Putin ‘will not break our resolve’ in supporting Ukraine

Joe Biden told the G7 that they “will not break our resolve” in supporting Ukraine on Sunday on the summit’s final day. At a press conference in Japan, US President said he had received a “flat assurance” from Kiev that Western-supplied F-16 fighter jets would not fly into Russian territory. These powerful jets, which Ukraine … Read more

West already in a Cold War with China, ex PM Liz Truss claims

Whether we like it or not, the Western world is already at war with China, according to former Prime Minister Liz Truss. Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has reportedly warned that the West is already at war with China, saying that nations in America and Europe must decide whether to appease or confront the … Read more

Joe Biden to give $1.2 Billion MORE to Ukraine, reaching $36.9 Billion donation mark

The Biden administration unveiled a new $1.2 billion military aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday, increasing the total since the start of the war with Russia to $36.9 billion. “Today, the Department of Defence (DoD) announced a new security assistance package to reaffirm the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine, including to strengthen its air … Read more

Vladimir Putin survives MAJOR assassination attempt ‘by Kyiv’

Russia claims that Ukraine launched an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin overnight. It said that drones dispatched by Kyiv were intended towards Putin’s house in the Kremlin citadel in a “planned terrorist action.” According to Russian sources, the President was not hurt, and there was no significant damage to the Kremlin’s buildings. Ukraine has denied … Read more

UK Gov’t gives Brits trapped in Sudan deadline to evacuate – LAST DAY TODAY

The final UK evacuation flight is scheduled to depart from Sudan on Wednesday morning, according to the Foreign Secretary. James Cleverly urged British nationals who wished to leave the war-torn country to travel to Port Sudan. The evacuation airlift was thought to have ended on Monday when planes left Sudan for Cyprus. According to the … Read more

Ukraine thanks West for missiles, but still demands to give more ‘NOW!’

Ukraine is grateful to the West for deploying new anti-air missile systems, but they are insufficient, and “much more” is required. According to Air Forces spokesman Yurii Ihnat, new air-defense weaponry systems handed to Ukraine by Western nations are now deployed and “on combat duty,” and he used the statement to reflect on the arrival … Read more

British Gov’t urges Brits trapped in Sudan to make their own way to evacuation point

The UK government has informed Britons in Sudan that they are on their own to reach the country’s evacuation point, with the first flight having already carried passport holders out. The British armed forces are currently engaged in an operation to evacuate a number of its people from Sudan, where serious combat has erupted between … Read more

Thousands of Brits in Sudan forced to kill own pets for them not to starve

Brits who have been abandoned in war-torn Sudan are supposedly being forced to kill their own pets to ensure they don’t starve. Approximately 4,000 British citizens remain stuck within the North African country after missing out on SAS and UK armed forces extraction planes. British diplomats were evacuated from the nation in an operation involving … Read more

British military needs 10 YEARS to fight off Russian invasion, Top General Claims

A former top general warned that the United Kingdom’s armed forces have been degraded to the point where they would require “five to ten years” advanced warning to repel an invasion from a power like Russia. General Sir Richard Barrons, who led the Joint Forces Command (JFC) — which has since been renamed Strategic Command … Read more