Europe can achieve Net Zero by demolishing historic buildings and starting again, Central Bank claims

A top central banker has warned of the economic damage that the rush to ‘Net-Zero’ could cause, and illustrates the point by stating that deleting Europe’s architectural history would be required to achieve severe green expectations. Among the comments made by Paolo Angelini, deputy governor of the Bank of Italy, about European Net Zero ambitions … Read more

White Brits ‘not welcomed’ to watch ‘Black Lives Matter’ inspired play in London

White London theatregoers were not welcomed to watch a play about African American history, so that black audience members may enjoy the performance “free from the white gaze.” The Theatre Royal Stratford East in east London has sparked outrage after telling white people to avoid a “Black Out” performance of Tambo & Bones on July … Read more

Lego goes WOKE with launch of new gender neutral toys

Lego has been accused of imposing woke beliefs on youngsters following the announcement of its new gender neutral range. In Australia, the business plans to produce its Lego Dreamzzz toys, which will include a Pegasus horse, a blue and pink bunny named “Bunchu,” and a “nightmare shark ship.” According to Professors Dr Kevin Donnelly AM … Read more

Brits revealed to be the LEAST RACIST in the world, most welcoming country for LGBT and Immigrants

According to a new global survey, the United Kingdom is one of the least racist countries in the world. King’s College London’s Policy Institute has revealed that only 2% of Britons are uneasy living next door to someone of a different race. One of the typical techniques for researchers to gauge racism is to ask … Read more

Transwoman to return medal after beating 14,000 women in London Marathon female category

A transgender runner who defeated over 14,000 women in the female category of the London Marathon has claimed he is “not a woman” and has offered to return the medal he got for his efforts. Glenique Frank, a man who identifies as a woman who ran the NYC Marathon as a man last year, took … Read more

Judges Suggested to be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence Bots in UK Court

A prominent British judge has suggested that artificial intelligence could one day replace judges in some UK court cases. Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls of England and Wales, has stated that in the future, AI could be utilised to replace human adjudicators in some UK court cases. The senior judge urged the legal professions … Read more

Just Stop Oil blocks traffic in London’s West End

A Just Stop Oil event, which drew over 160 demonstrators, created massive traffic disruptions in London’s West End. On Monday morning, protesters obstructed traffic in seven spots in the West End, Westminster, and South London. Some formed a queue and walked through Haymarket, a significant road that connects Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and is … Read more

Term ‘alcoholic’ to be banned by UK health officials in latest woke campaign

Politically correct health officials in the United Kingdom have prohibited the use of the word “alcoholic” as allegedly offensive, along with a slew of other words, including gendered language. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which supports the NHS branches in both England and Wales, has adopted codes for healthcare staff. Among … Read more

UK Gov’t to prevent transgender students from joining sports, while informing them of the ‘signs’

The UK government is apparently going to issue instructions to schools prohibiting allegedly transgender adolescents from participating in contact sports teams of the opposite gender, as well as asking teachers to notify parents if their child begins to exhibit signs of transgenderism. Rishi Sunak’s recent assertion that “100% of women do not have penises” may … Read more

Children exposed to naked adults LIVE in latest UK TV programme

Nearly 1,000 complaints have been received by the UK government broadcast authority about Naked Education, a television programme that promotes “body positive” attitudes by exposing adolescents in their mid-teens to naked adults. Channel 4, the UK’s state-owned but commercially funded broadcaster that has generally prided itself on producing edgy content as a counterpoint to the … Read more