Term ‘alcoholic’ to be banned by UK health officials in latest woke campaign

Politically correct health officials in the United Kingdom have prohibited the use of the word “alcoholic” as allegedly offensive, along with a slew of other words, including gendered language.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which supports the NHS branches in both England and Wales, has adopted codes for healthcare staff.

Among the words and phrases that have ruffled the PC brigade’s feathers is the term “alcoholic,” which has been banned in favour of the longer “those who misuse alcohol.”

Healthcare workers were also instructed to use the phrase “people who use drugs” rather than “drug addicts” and “people who smoke” rather than “smokers.” Furthermore, the Health Department section stated that “rough sleepers” should now be referred to as “homeless people.”

The woke left’s pet issue, modifying terminology on gender, was also addressed in the NICE guidance, with phrases like men and women being phased out totally.

“If the population is large enough, you can usually use gender-neutral language.” 

“This means using ‘people,’ ‘they,’ and ‘them’ rather than ‘women,”men,’ and ‘his’ or ‘her,'” the health officials wrote.

Conservative MP Nigel Mills called the newest newspeak from the medical establishment “just woke nonsense.”

“They should stop being so politically correct and instead look to do something useful to help the country,” continued the Tory MP.

“Our approach is consistent with the NHS and other health bodies,” NICE said in a statement. “We keep the guide under review.”

The spread of woke language guidance into the British medical system has accelerated in recent years, with the NHS Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) boasting last year that it has substituted words like “mothers,” “women,” and “birthing people” with phrases like “people with cervixes.”

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