Thousands of Brits in Sudan forced to kill own pets for them not to starve

Brits who have been abandoned in war-torn Sudan are supposedly being forced to kill their own pets to ensure they don’t starve.

Approximately 4,000 British citizens remain stuck within the North African country after missing out on SAS and UK armed forces extraction planes.

British diplomats were evacuated from the nation in an operation involving almost 1,200 military troops, according to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, but the government has been chastised for leaving so many citizens behind.

“We have to think about the context in which British citizens will find themselves, which will be absolute abject fear,” said Alicia Kearns, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and a Tory MP.

“There is very little water left, there is very little food.

“I’m even hearing stories of people killing their pets because they are worried they are going to starve. People are terrified.

“And across the world, there are very limited evacuations going on because of the complexities on the ground.”

“However, there was a meaningful risk to the lives of British diplomats and that’s why we saw all of our allies lift out their diplomats. But now the focus has to shift towards getting out British nationals.”

The Foreign Office said in a statement: “The safety of all British nationals in Sudan continues to be our utmost priority.

However, the hurdles remain considerable, with development minister Andrew Mitchell said that no assurances could be provided about getting the remaining British citizens out of the country.

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