UK Government to use British taxpayers’ money to buy cruise ships for illegal migrants

Suella Braverman is said to be considering the purchase of ten decommissioned ferries, cruise ships, and barges to shelter illegal migrants in the United Kingdom. 

According to the plans, the port of Liverpool will be the next in line to dock the warships. 

Insiders at the Home Office say they are searching for solutions after failing to find 10,000 spaces for migrants in disused jails and military camps.

A marine business also told the paper that they were asked to undertake a feasibility assessment on housing migrants on empty oil rigs, which the government rejected in 2020.

The government is considering up to ten warships that will cost UK taxpayers millions of pounds.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The pressure on the asylum system has continued to grow and requires us to look at a range of accommodation options which offer better value for money for taxpayers than hotels. This includes the potential use of vessels to provide accommodation.”

It comes after the government confirmed plans to house asylum seekers at former military and training facilities in Bexhill, East Sussex, Braintree, Essex, and Scampton, Lincolnshire, as well as on a barge docked in Portland Port, Dorset.

Moreover, MPs have warned that the prolonged use of hotels for asylum seekers is harming local businesses and costing taxpayers £6 million a day.

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