UK Gov’t to prevent transgender students from joining sports, while informing them of the ‘signs’

The UK government is apparently going to issue instructions to schools prohibiting allegedly transgender adolescents from participating in contact sports teams of the opposite gender, as well as asking teachers to notify parents if their child begins to exhibit signs of transgenderism.

Rishi Sunak’s recent assertion that “100% of women do not have penises” may have some practical implications in the coming months, with the administration allegedly planning new gender guidance for schools across the country.

The proposed guidance would require schools to notify parents if their child began displaying signs of transgenderism, such as saying they want to change their gender, beginning to wear uniforms of the opposite sex, or demanding to be called a name associated with the opposite gender.

The shift might have far-reaching consequences, considering that a recent Policy Exchange think tank survey indicated that four out of ten secondary schools in England presently allow children to change their gender without consulting their parents.

The paper, which is now being developed by the Department of Education, would also instruct schools that youngsters who claim to identify as the opposing gender should not be able to use the opposite sex’s changing facilities or showers. Other facilities, however, could be provided, as is already the case for impaired pupils.

The guidance would also encompass school sports, with the government apparently planning to prohibit biologically male kids from joining girls’ teams — and vice versa — for contact and competitive sports like rugby. Sports that do not entail physical contact, on the other hand, appear to have less severe rules.

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Sunak, who has previously struggled to define what exactly constituted a woman, appears to have firmed up his views on the contentious political topic of gender.

Speaking on the Conservative Home website this week, the prime minister was asked if he felt that 100% of women do not have male genitalia, to which he replied, “of course.” 

The position contrasts with that of the leader of the opposition in parliament, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer, who claims that just 99.9% of women do not have penises.